Check out how the mastermind looks like on the example of one of live-sessions with Gil Petersil
March 25, 2021
Ubud, Mansion Resort Hotel


MASTERMIND DAY brings together outstanding personalities in Bali, that will bring each other up to the next level COLLECTIVE GENIUS.
Our mission is to reveal the true beauty and depth of human relationships, to help you find like-minded people, to dispel an outdated stereotype that you need years or joint challenges to start trusting a new person.

Our Mastermind Day is about the safe space we create together. Here you can share the most significant things, let yourself be vulnerable, ask for help and receive support.

We bring together people with shared values who follow the code and ethics of the mastermind!
Kate and Gil Petersil
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Why you should join MASTERMIND DAY
You will meet mentors in the field of self-discovery, health, business, innovative marketing, personal brand and spirituality, as well as opinion leaders from Bali
Solve your personal and business tasks with the support of collective intelligence during mastermind sessions
Establish strategic partnerships and collaborations for 2021
Get access to the network of contacts of Gil and Kate Petersil, and their mentors
Find out new ideas and innovative solutions for life and business
Become a part of selected people, united by common values and personally approved by Gil and Kate

If you have a life's work or a global mission you need to scale.
To do this, you will probably need:
outstanding personalities in your network

new solutions to achieve your goals
strategic partnerships and collaborations with people with shared values
innovative ideas for personal development in 2021
You will meet these goals
in 1 day - Mastermind Day with Opinion Leaders!

What else:
Algorithm of a 1 minute self-presentation from Gil Petersil and group practice
Algorithms of effective strategic partnerships
Personal networking strategy for 2021
Coffee breaks and delicious lunch
The opportunity to tell about your business and work on your personal request in the group
What's included
All services of an authentic art hotel Bali - Mansion Resort
Mastermind community in Telegram
Special evening
surprise event
«Super Hero Networking»
Unique custom made entertainment program
First time in Bali
We are going to transform to super heroes and continue networking using our secret powers
Experience Next level of connection
People to people
Tribal dancing and partnership games
Painting with eyes closed
Open your extra communication skills through the game
Co-hosted by
Lada Concordia
Gil and Kate Petersil
Co-founders of the MeetPartners headquartered in Singapore
Trend-setters of effective communications through the collective genius of masterminds
Exclusive representatives of Tony Robbins in Russia
Gil Petersil
Network mastery coach
Entrepreneur with 20 years of experience
Business strategist who has mentored over 1,000 startups
International speaker
Visiting Lecturer and Honorary Professor of the Moscow School of Management "Skolkovo" and the University "Synergy"

Author of the bestselling "New Code of Networking"
Kate Petersil
International entrepreneur, happy wife of a superhero and mother of 3 children

Author of mentoring mastermind programs for women with great mission
Host of the Instagram talk show "Soulful Morning"
Author of prefaces to Russian translations of books written by Tony Robbins

Author of Instagram blog with 350,000 followers

The featured in articles of the articles in Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Mediametrix, Business World Kazakhstan, Woman on top
Robert lan Bonnick

- international business & community development, speaker & author, co founded a business voted #3 in the world.

Mark Reed
- Tourism, Hospitality and Wellness Digital Marketing Entrepreneur and Visionary. Founder of Bali Retreat Advisor
Founding member of the International Travel Network.
Made Janur Yasa
- founder of Plastic exchange, creator of Moksa Cafe
Alina Sveklina
- an expert in business collaborations with brands and hotels, blogger, entrepreneur
Sergey Azimov
- sales coach, master of negotiation and interpersonal communication, business coach, writer, entrepreneur
Denis Dovgal
- international speaker, entrepreneur with teams spread around the world, remote work guru
Participation Options

200 US$ (until 24.03.21)
Everything included in the Standard +
2 preparatory videos: "10 steps how to get the most out of the MM day" and "How to effectively formulate your request"

2 support videos: "Secrets of how to maintain and develop your network of contacts"
Mastermind Guide
Telegram group Mastermind Communities
VIP DAY 26.03 10:00-15:00
Personal work with Kate and Gil Petersil
Live participation in Bali
250 US$ (24.02.21)
750 US$ (until 24.03.21)
800 US$ (24.02.21)
300 US$ (25.03.21)
850 US$ (25.03.21)
Mastermind Day social mission
We are passionate to support the Plastic Exchange social project on Bali.

⁃ Each ticket sold will help collect 200 kg of plastic and provide Balinese families with 50 kg of rice.

⁃ Our goal is to collect 20 tons of plastic from Bali in one month and support the Plastic Exchange project.
How to apply for participation
To create a space with common values, where everyone can contribute to each other, each participant is personally approved by Kate and Gil Petersil

Therefore, to consider your application - fill out the form
Mansion Resort Hotel in Ubud, the heart of Bali

Ngurah Rai airport
Mastermind Day 2020
After our mastermind participants:
launch new projects

break free from constraints

get new ideas
find mentors
make a personal rebranding
meet new partners, friends
expand their product lines
collaborate with other participants
start to act in circle of people who support them
See you soon at Mastermind Day!
March 25, 2021
We believe that for you this Mastermind Day will become a source of new ideas, meanings, solutions and relationships.
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